Boat birding birdwatching Panama birding by boat tour discovering a mix of Central and South American freshwater birds found in Panama...friendly for disable persons.

                                      Rio Gatun junto al lago Gatun





   “Birder’s Boat-Mobile®”,

Guías locales de observación de aves en Panamá; tour de aves; Panamá tour de aves acuáticas con guías locales bilingües en el Panamá canal birding by boat tour to Panamá tropical rain forest


'  Llame al 011 (507) 6728-3501 y personalmente le contestare sus pregustas sobre el BbyB Tour.



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Birders birding by boat at the Panama Canal Central, Rio Chagres Valley


Thick-billed Euphonia


Red-legged Honeycreeper


Red-lored Amazon


Embera's Indian

Embera indian village visit (optional tour)


White Face Capuchine/Monkey Island Tour

Monkey Island visit (optional tour)

Birding guide comfortably along river and lake, Panama Canal













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birding by boat

Unique Birdwatching Tour Opportunity for water and inland birds!

 Exotic birdwatching for endemic, local and migratory neo-tropical birds. Guided by professional, birding guides a  bird list  of 200+ sp  The Birding by Boat Tour for birders  birding  Central Panama,  Panama Canal in the Gatun and Chagres River.


1-2 persons  135 usd  per person

3-5 persons  97 usd per person

Minimum two persons.



included in price: captain, boat, fuel, life jacket, english spanish local birdguide, water bottle

tour difficulty:   Easy


departs:  7:15 am till return  :  noon   from: Gamboa ramp

  Transportation to and from your hotel is available.

tour locale Rio Chagres  (Panama Canal) in the  Soberania National Park   


price good till dec 2016













Last up date:                                    

         Garzas/Herons Panama birdPanama bird guide



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Tour Highlights 

-         Great opportunity to find birds not usually seen on a walk around a lake or a pond and to observe butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians, reptiles, and more.

-          Photography  is a great option  during  the Birder's Boat-Mobile.  A US made 8' x 16' ft.  pontoon boat platform   equipped with a fast outboard motor and a slow electric motor for moving between fresh water spots,  river channels, and  calm water lake environ.

-        You are sitting comfortably and able to stretch, stand or do short walks any time.   And with accessibility  for  limited persons (advance notification ).

-         Abundant aquatic vegetation, surrounded by  freshwater natural river, swamps, lagoons, grasslands and pristine forest unique habitats with plenty birds every day all year.  

-         Many Central Panama  species   for you to see  in their natural tropical rain forest habitat and with little effort.  check  tour bird list.

-         You will be visiting highly productive water birding spots in the Soberania National Park and Rio Chagres, with the opportunity to walk short inland  trails that can only be reach  by boat  increasing  day count  probability. 

    Lots more birds for your personal list ! 

     Whatever your age or your skills, we manage to show you the fascinating variety of birds found in Panama.  If this is your first time birding Panama, we assure you that you'll take home memorable moments that will last a life time,  and to be share with  loved ones and friends.  

Many bird species to observe comfortably (a mix variety of birds)  and with no effort.Panama bird guide    Check bird list !


-        First Option:      We will be bird the Gatun River at Caribbean east side of the Gatun Lake,  Panama Canal ( freshwater basin),  Confirm availability.

-      Second Option:  The Chagres River (the biggest affluent of the Gatun Lake) in  the Gamboa area in the  Soberania National Park.       Confirm availability.



"The tour was a good introduction to what photographic possibilities the boat offers and next time we'll be able to concentrate on just a few subjects: Snail Kite, Anhinga, and so on. We had a good day on the lake, and I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone."  James A. Christensen  <james.a.christensen ( AT )>

"...We had a great time on the tour. We saw the most birds on your boating tour.  It was nice just to sit and  look for the birds... Thank you for being part of our wonderful trip to Panama and the          memories we have ot it..." Eva Gonyer, <Legonyer ( AT )> 

"The Rio Chagres is a great place for birds and the best way to see them is with Gonzalo. His boat is purpose built, roomy and stable, and Gonzalo knows where to go. He is also a nice guy"  Michael Bruxner < mbruxner ( AT )>

"It was nice to have someone that spoke proper English, and was very courteous and easy to work with. I highly recommend Gonzalo for birding by boat and land. Panama was a wonderful trip and having a friendly travel guide made our trip even more enjoyable seeing Panama. He knew the areas extremely well. We felt safe and comfortable and had a wonderful time. I highly recommend his personalized travel tours he offers to avid bird lovers and it will be a wonderful memory to last a life time."  Carol & Robert Poole
<cpaafs  (AT )>

Bird your dreams
 "The emerald forest
      moves in front of you
The birds come forward
The waters present their many species
     as you pass near."  
Dave Coffe BbB tour poetry  <coffeeg ( AT )>


  Call  Panama office for reservation   '  (507) 390-2322 or email                            Gonzalo's Panama cellular '  (507) 6728-35  Transfer by car to port and back to hotel in Panama Cidty is optional.Quote.                                                              

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Birders Photographers to Boat Birding Panama/on vacation

    Birders and photographers.


Collared Aracari

              Collared Aracari


birders at work

    Birders birdwatching


Great-blue Egret

              Great-blue Egret


Rufescent  Tiger Heron

        Rufescent  Tiger Heron


Purple Gallinule

              Purple Gallinule







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